Clean Solar Solutions are an international, award-winning solar O&M company.  We provide turn-key O&M services and packages.  This website is focused primarily on our international solar panel cleaning services. To view our other O&M services, please visit our Clean Solar Solutions main website or our websites for Ireland or Australia.  

Clean Solar Solutions Award Winners

Having cleaned close to 5 million solar panels on some of the most challenging ground mount and rooftop arrays, we have all of the experience needed to cope with your solar panel cleaning needs.

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  • A. Hancock - Syzygy Consulting

    CSS regularly clean the modules on our 14MW rooftop portfolio to a very high standard using their cutting edge robot technology.  They display the professional qualities of people we like to work with such as honesty and promptness.  We consider them leaders in their field and wish them continued success!

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About Clean Solar Solutions Ltd

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd are a one-stop solution for Operations and Maintenance (O&M) on solar panels, specialising in solar panel cleaning.  We operate across all of Mainland Europe, working for some of the world's largest solar companies.  We carry out utility-scale cleaning for private investment funds, all the way down to residential cleaning on private homes and anything inbetween.

Keeping solar panels clean, free from shade and in good electrical order are all essential parts of solar panel maintenance.  For a more detailed overview of our services, please visit our O&M website!

What We Provide

As pioneers of solar panel cleaning, we have built up an enviable reputation for both our technical knowledge and high quality cleaning service.  We offer comprehensive solar panel cleaning training days for those looking to become involved in the solar panel cleaning industry.  As well as this, we engage in detailed research, producing articles for the benefit of the global solar industry.

Our ground maintenance department has over 25 years of varied experience including tree surgery, hedge trimming, tree surgery among other skills.  All such works are carried out by trained, skilled professionals. 

Our bird deterrents and control measures look to reduce the effect bird droppings can have on your solar output and we can prevent birds from nesting under solar panels too.

Our Solar Panel Cleaning Partnerships

Our reputation for quality and service has led us to partner with some of the most prestigious and recognisable companies within the global solar industry. We have partnered with some of the leading service providers for remote solar PV monitoring and other services.

We are proud to be the sole approved solar panel cleaning contractors for Centrica and have cleaned over 200,000 ground and roof mounted solar panels for them to date.  We also work with numerous other international solar EPC's and installers.

Solar Panel Cleaning Derby UK

Solar Panel Cleaning Northampton, UK

If you are based in Australia, please visit our dedicated website for solar maintenance in Australia.

Recent News

  • Solar Panels Cleaned On Canterbury Shopping Centre Roof

    Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 396 solar panels on top of White Friars Shopping Centre, in Canterbury city centre.The 97KW system is spread across 2 roofs, but with very different layouts. A 50KW system is laid on a flat roof and this system had begun to have lichen grow on the solar panels. Lichen grows when detritus and algae is allowed to accumulate over a period of time, creating a nitrogen-rich base.

  • The Art Of Solar Panel Cleaning Seen In Southwark, London

    Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 358 solar panels mounted on top of an art gallery in Southwark, London.The 82KW system was installed in 2015, much to the delight of the building owners.  The solar panels contribute greatly to the wider sustainability goals of the owners of the gallery and set an example in how London can derive energy from the sun.  Being located in Southwark, near the River Thames, the solar panels do suffer from the usual bird dropping issue...

  • Eutrophication Lichen Growth White Paper Research Released

    Eutrophication and lichen growth is becoming a very real problem on solar panels across the UK and other Western European countries.  Lichen growth is rendering many panels on systems completely redundant and many solar panels on ground and roof mounted systems are having to be replaced as a result.  Steve Williams, Managing Director of Clean Solar Solutions has been intensively researching this subject and has compiled his research into a detailed 24-page white paper, designed to aid ...

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Completed On Greenwich Furniture Store

    Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 2,616 solar panels mounted on a commercial roof in Greenwich.The solar panels needed cleaning because they were blighted by bird droppings from a local gull and pigeon population.  The bird droppings deposited on the solar panels create hotspots on the panels, causing the output to drop and can result in permanent damage.The solar panels were all manually cleaned within a 3 day period by one of our highly-qualified solar panel cleaning te...

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Completed On Romford Shopping Centre

    Clean Solar Solutions have completed the solar panel cleaning on a Romford shopping centre.  The shopping centre has 263 panels mounted at a 30 degree angle. The solar panels required cleaning due to the bird droppings from local pigeon population, combined with the usual build-up of detritus, held in place along the bottom edge of the solar panels, by the bottom edge their frame.These solar panels were cleaned manually, using ultra-pure water pumped up from our vehicle at ground level...

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