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  • Solar Panel Cleaning Health & Safety Advisor Appointed By Clean Solar Solutions

    Clean Solar Solutions Ltd have taken on the services of a dedicated health & safety advisor to help them to improve their ongoing commitment to clean solar panels safely.  Mr John Perry has over 20 years experience in working with companies to improve their health and safety and gain ISO accreditation. Steve Williams, M.D.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning - Analysis Of Dust On Solar Panels

    Solar panel cleaning research is a subject under much discussion within the UK industry.  More and more people are looking for concrete evidence of the benefits that solar panel cleaning can bring.  The science of solar panel cleaning is coupled with the science of dust accumulation.

  • Clean Solar Solutions Team Now Writing Solar Panel Cleaning Articles For Industry Magazines

    Clean Solar Solutions continue to grow as a company and also as a voice within the solar industry.  Our knowledge and expertise in the field of solar panel cleaning means that we are well placed to provide accurate information in regard to the benefits of solar panel cleaning. In the last 12 months, we have written and had published, guest articles in a number of leading renewables and cleaning magazines.

  • Top 5 Solar Panel Cleaning FAQS

    With solar panel cleaning set to become incredibly popular in the UK during 2014, we answer the top 5 FAQS we are asked as a professional solar panel cleaning company. Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Agricultural Solar Panel Cleaning Residential Solar Panel Cleaning Why do solar panels need cleaning?  Solar panels need cleaning because they are exposed to the elements and accumulate all types of pollutants depending on their location.

  • Solar Panels UK Releases Free Renewable Energy Suitability Tools

    Clean Solar Solutions Ltd depend on the constant flow of the installation of solar panels. It becomes our future business when the solar panels need cleaning. There is an unnecessary amount of media-driven scepticism about the viability of solar panels.