High Rise Solar Panel Cleaning Completed In Bromley

High Rise Solar Panel Cleaning Completed In Bromley

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the high rise cleaning of 305 solar panels mounted on the roofs of multiple building at Altus House in Bromley.  

Dirty Solar Panels At Bromley

The solar panels are mounted flat on the roof, so are susceptible to accumulating traffic film and other forms or detritus.

 Flat Solar Panels In Bromley Accumulating Dirt

The solar panels on the highest building are 9 storeys high, with no water access at ground level.  So specialist pumping equipment was needed in order to get the water from ground to roof level up the outside of the buildings.  

High Rise Solar Panel Cleaning In Bromley

Our solar panel cleaning team pumped the water up from our holding tanks at ground level, they then cleaned all of the panels on all of the roofs.  The difference between the dirty and cleaned panels is clear to see.

Solar Panel Cleaning Bromley

The finished article not only looks better, but will undoubtedly result in increased output from the solar panels as a direct result of the cleaning.

Clean Solar Panels Bromley

Altus House in Bromley is a recognisable local landmark is located near Beckenhill Hill train station.  It houses stunning flats and apartments.  Bromley's local train station provides direct access to Blackfriars Station, adjacent to Blackfriars Bridge, the world's largest solar bridge, housing 4,400 solar panels.

If you own or maintain a high rise solar array that needs cleaning or maintenance, please feel free to contact us.  We are specialists in cleaning difficult access solar arrays nationwide.