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  • Eutrophication Lichen Growth White Paper Research Released

    Eutrophication and lichen growth is becoming a very real problem on solar panels across the UK and other Western European countries.  Lichen growth is rendering many panels on systems completely redundant and many solar panels on ground and roof mounted systems are having to be replaced as a result.  Steve Williams, Managing Director of Clean Solar Solutions has been intensively researching this subject and has compiled his research into a detailed 24-page white paper, designed to aid ...

  • VIDEO: Removing Lichen & Bird Droppings From Solar Panels

    Clean Solar Solutions MD, Steve Williams, speaks at the All Energy Show in Glasgow in May 2018 on the subject "Dropping the Bomb on Solar Soiling No One Is Lichen."He delivers a quick-fire lesson on the problems that bird droppings and lichen bring to solar panels and how to remove the bird droppings and lichen from these solar panels.Please feel free to contact us for advice and pricing for our lichen removal service.