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  • Lichen Removal & Solar Panel Cleaning On Gloucester Home

    Solar Panel Cleaning & Lichen Removal GloucesterClean Solar Solutions have kept another solar-owning homeowner happy by removing lichen and cleaning the solar panels on their home in Hempsted, Gloucester.  Mr & Mrs Lomax own a property in a picturesque setting, backing on to the River Severn and with woodlands to the side and front of their property.  Whilst this is very pretty, it does create and environment where lichen can thrive.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Completed On Chiswick Storage Block

    Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 210 solar panels mounted on top of a storage facility in Chiswick, West London.The solar panels are mounted high up in the Chiswick skyline, so health and safety is a priority.  With our trained staff wearing appropriate harnesses and lanyards, we were able to carry out the cleaning safely and to a high standard.The local Chiswick pigeon population had been doing their thing on the solar panels and so the usual bird droppings were found o...

  • What Can You Do If Your Solar Installer Goes Out Of Business?

    "What can I do if my solar installer goes out of business?"  - This is a question currently being asked by tens of thousands of commercial and domestic solar array owners across the U.K.  Whether your solar installer is dissolved, gone bust, in lquidation or has closed their company, the result is still the same.  You can get no support or back up from them.

  • Commercial Solar Panel Cleaning Completed Birmingham

    Clean Solar Solutions Ltd has completed the cleaning of 250KW of solar panels on a privately-owned commerical rooftop in Birmingham.The 249.75KW solar array was installed in January 2014 and is made up of 999 ReneSola JC250M-24/Bb solar panels mounted on the Clenergy EZ-rack and has 8 x ABB 27.6TL inverters and 1 x 10TL inverter.Although the system cost about £240,000, it is expected to yield £42,000 p/a and pay for itself within 7 years, proving that rooftop solar arrays are both an...

  • A Solar Panel Cleaning Miracle Happened In Wembley, London

    Clean Solar Solutions have proved yet again why they have won multiple awards for their solar panel cleaning service by removing lichen and cleaning these solar panels on a Wembley home.The solar panels get very dirty, very quickly due to a large pigeon population that rest on the roof of the property and the large volume of passing traffic in the area.  This had created an incredible bloom of lichen on the solar panels which no window cleaner locally was able to remove.Clean Solar Solution...

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