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  • Solar Panel Cleaning Telford, Shropshire

    This week, we had a quote accepted for solar panel cleaning in Telford, Shropshire.  Two sets of solar panels are located at a Hilbrae Kennels on the edge of Telford.  The solar panels have been installed for nearly 2 years and are covered in bird droppings due to the doves that are also kept on site.

  • Solar panel cleaners in Reading, Berkshire

    This week, our solar panel cleaners carried out solar panel cleaning in Reading, Berkshire.  There were 19 solar panels that were mounted on a residential farm building roof. The solar panels were only installed in November 2010.

  • Solar Panel Efficiency - Why Solar Panel Cleaning Is Important

    The primary goal of solar panels is to produce green electricity.  But how do you keep your system working as efficiently as possible for as long as possible? There is an abundance of schemes and incentives available to make solar panels a viable option for both homeowners and businesses.

  • Can Solar Panels Work At Night?

    As professional solar panel cleaners, 'Can Solar Panels Work At Night?' is a question we are asked often, and a great one! Believe it or not, the simple answer may be "YES!!!" How can that be? Solar panels produce electricity from any light, not just sunlight.

  • How Does Snow Affect Solar Panels?

    All solar panel owners are concerned with achieving the best efficiency from their system, and a big worry for many as the winter approaches, is how the snow will affect their solar panels.  As professional solar panel cleaners, this is a question we come across often and we have a few pointers for you. Snow and winter conditions can affect solar panels in a number of ways.

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