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  • Solar Panel Cleaning For Hampshire Cosmetics & Anesco

    In March, we completed the solar panel cleaning in Hampshire on one of the UK's largest rooftop solar arrays. For your free quote for your solar panel cleaning quote in Hampshire, please contact us.  The 55,000 sq.ft rooftop solar array is located at Waterlooville-based, Hampshire Cosmetics.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Completed On Largest Solar Array In Shropshire

    Last week, we completed the solar panel cleaning at the largest solar panel array in Shropshire. It is also one of the largest solar arrays of its kind in the UK. Solar panel cleaning at Comberton Farm, Shropshire Installed in August 2011, the solar array at Comberton Poultry Farm in Ludlow, was originally installed by 7 Energy and consists of a dramatic 150 metre x 14 metre ground mounted framework with 1200 Schott solar panels.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning - Staffordshire

    Last month, we carried out solar panel cleaning in Staffordshire on the Millennium Community Centre, Moreton. The solar panel array at Moreton Community Centre. The 16-panel array was installed by Mipower and they asked us to carry out the regular clean.

  • How To Remove Snow From Solar Panels

    With winter upon us, unique challenges arise with solar panels.  One of the challenges is how to remove snow from solar panels. Why is snow on solar panels a problem?

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Telford, Shropshire

    This week, we had a quote accepted for solar panel cleaning in Telford, Shropshire.  Two sets of solar panels are located at a Hilbrae Kennels on the edge of Telford.  The solar panels have been installed for nearly 2 years and are covered in bird droppings due to the doves that are also kept on site.

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