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  • How Will Solar Panel Cleaning Develop In The UK During 2014?

    How Will Solar Panel Cleaning In The UK Develop During 2014?  Clean Solar Solutions Ltd fully expect solar panel cleaning in 2014 to become a mainstay of the solar industry.  Interest in solar panel cleaning really started to take off during 2013.  As a company, we had enquiries about our solar panel cleaning service come flooding in from all parts of the UK and from all sorts of sectors.

  • Don't Be Ripped Off! What Are Sensible Solar Panel Cleaning Prices & Costs?

    The price of solar panel cleaning seems to vary massively, perhaps because the industry as whole is still in its early days. What does solar panel cleaning cost and, perhaps more importantly, what should solar panel cleaning cost? What solar panel cleaning costs the customer A quick Google search throws up a plethora of companies offering solar panel cleaning.

  • UK Solar Panel Cleaning Kits - What Should I Buy?

    With the march of solar panels continuing across the UK, more and more owners of solar panels are concerned about keeping them clean.  Many companies are also following in our footsteps and are wanting to offer a solar panel cleaning service.  Both companies and consumers find themselves asking "Can I buy a solar panel cleaning kit?" whether on a commercial level, or for home use.

  • Why Is Solar Panel Cleaning Important?

    "Why is solar panel cleaning important?" This question is being asked by more and more people as solar panels continue to be installed and solar panel cleaning companies are popping up everywhere who say solar panel cleaning is important. Solar Panel Cleaning is Important. The silicon solar panel was first patented in the 1940's.

  • How To Remove Snow From Solar Panels

    With winter upon us, unique challenges arise with solar panels.  One of the challenges is how to remove snow from solar panels. Why is snow on solar panels a problem?