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  • Largest Solar Farm In The UK Owned By UK Government

    Details of the largest solar farm in the UK have come to light and surprisingly, it is owned by the UK Government.  The 69.5MW site, located west of Swindon, has an estimated 278,000 solar panels installed.  It has been shrouded in secrecy until now.

  • Clean Solar Solutions Praised From Australia For UK Training

    Clean Solar Solutions has received international praise from a professional solar panel cleaning company in Australia in connection with it's continued work in trying to raise the bar for health and safety. Paul Rosato, Managing Director of Adelaide Solar Care comments "Adelaide Solar Care has followed remotely from Australia, the innovation of Steve Williams and his successful business with Clean Solar Solutions. The most recent success observed was the solar panel cleaning training run by Clea...

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Training Raises Safety Awareness

    Solar panel cleaning training is now available from Clean Solar Solutions Ltd.  With safety concerns growing among certain sections of the solar industry, Clean Solar Solutions are looking to utilise the experience we have accumulated over the last 5 years to raise the health & safety bar and bring uniformity to a rapidly growing sector of the industry. Steve Williams, M.D.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Training In UK From Clean Solar Solutions

    Solar panel cleaning training for the UK industry is now available via periodic training days from Clean Solar Solutions.  As pioneers of solar panel cleaning in the UK, safety and professionalism are of paramount importance to us.   We always seek to offer a high level of quality and safety in our work.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Explained At Energy Now Expo 2015

    Solar panel cleaning has been the subject of much debate in the UK.  In this video, Steve Williams, Managing Director of Clean Solar Solutions discusses the importance of solar panel cleaning at the Energy Now Expo held in Telford on 11th-12th February 2015. He busts the myth of self-cleaning solar panels and explains in detail why solar panels do need cleaning.