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  • VIDEO: Removing Lichen & Bird Droppings From Solar Panels

    Clean Solar Solutions MD, Steve Williams, speaks at the All Energy Show in Glasgow in May 2018 on the subject "Dropping the Bomb on Solar Soiling No One Is Lichen."He delivers a quick-fire lesson on the problems that bird droppings and lichen bring to solar panels and how to remove the bird droppings and lichen from these solar panels.Please feel free to contact us for advice and pricing for our lichen removal service.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning And Bird Proofing On Fareham Home

    Clean Solar Solutions Ltd have completed the solar panel cleaning and bird proofing on a Fareham home. Why was this needed? We received an enquiry from a homeowner who was concerned that birds were nesting under her solar panels and perching on her aerial.

  • Solar Panels, Bird Protection, Proofing And Deterrents

      Bird droppings and seagulls are proving to be a huge problem for solar panel owners in some parts of the UK.  Clean Solar Solutions provide a professional bird protection, proofing and deterrent service for both residential and commercial solar arrays.   We fit a whole range of bird proofing, bird protection and bird deterrents alongside our solar panel cleaning service, which also removes the bird droppings from your solar panels.

  • Solar Panel Cleaning Completed At Derby University

    As further expansion of their solar panel cleaning service for schools and colleges, Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 146 roof mounted solar panels at the University of Derby. By the end of the year, Clean Solar Solutions will have cleaned solar panels on over 43 schools, colleges and can now add Derby University to our ever-growing portfolio. We were called in because the output from the solar array had dropped noticeably.

  • Commercial Rooftop Solar Panel Cleaning Completed In Llanelli

    Clean Solar Solutions have completed the solar panel cleaning at Castell Howell Foods, Llanelli.  Castell Howell foods are one of the country's leading independent food wholesalers and have 816 solar panels are mounted on the roof of their Llanelli-based  headquarters.  The solar array is made up of A-Sun 245P polycrystalline solar panels, Power One 12,5 inverters.