Bird Proofing On Commercial Rooftop Solar Panels In Surrey

by | Jul 18, 2015 | Anesco, Bird Control, Surrey

We have fitted bird proofing to 162 roof mounted solar panels on Dorking Halls, Surrey for Anesco. There was a persistent problem with birds nesting underneath the solar panels. They had damaged wiring underneath the solar panels and the bird droppings on the solar panels were having a noticeable impact upon the output of the solar array.

Dorking Halls is run by the Mole Valley District Council and is the main arts and entertainment building for the local area.  It provides a range of recreational and sporting activities as well as a cinema. The solar panels were fitted to the south facing slopes of the roof in 2011 and have been reducing the carbon footprint of the building ever since.

However, Anesco were monitoring the output of the panels closely and noticed a drop in output that was below an acceptable level. Upon inspection, it was apparent that the drop was due to the bird droppings present on the solar panels, the accumulated detritus that had gathered on the solar panels due to their shallow angle and damage caused to the wiring by the birds nesting under the solar panels. Clean Solar Solutions were charged with finding a solution to the birds nesting and to clean the solar panels on this tall building.

We fitted a bird prevention measure around the perimeter of the solar panels which would form a barrier and prevent the birds gaining access under the solar panels. We had to make sure we stayed within the constraints of the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty so that the barrier could not be classed as a ‘modification’ and risk invalidating the manufacturer’s warranty.  The system is fully removable, allowing for easy future maintenance work to be carried out.

After the bird proofing was fitted around the solar panels, we then cleaned the solar panels. The increase in output will soon pay for the cost of the cleaning and the cost of the bird proofing is re-couped by knowing that the system will not fail because of damage from birds nesting under the solar panels.

The output of the solar panels will continue to be monitored by Anesco and cleaning will be carried out as regularly as needed. If it noticed that there is still an abundance of bird droppings present on the solar panels, we will look to install a visual bird scarer which will deter the birds from visiting the roof.

If you would like more information or a free quote for bird proofing around your solar panels, please feel free to contact us.