Clean Solar Solutions Ltd Attend The Renewables Event At Birmingham NEC

by | Sep 15, 2013 | Birmingham, Events, NEC

This week, Clean Solar Solutions Ltd attended the Renewables Event 2013 at Birmingham NEC.  The Renewables Event is the only event in the UK focused solely on onsite energy generation for business energy and end users such as major corporations, manufacturers, retailers and the public sector. The event covered all aspects of renewable energy, but of course, our focus was upon solar PV. 

Key solar PV exhibitors included British Gas Solar, Lark Energy, Solarcentury and Juwi. It was good for us to reacquaint ourselves with previous people we currently work within the solar industry, such as British Gas Solar, meet in person potential clients we have only spoken to over the phone, such as Lark Energy and make new contacts within the solar industry. 

We were able to leave literature with many potential clients who have shown an interest in our solar panel cleaning service including Wrexham Council, Juwi, Dulas, Environmental Energies, Waldon Energy and many others. We are very confident that we can fit the solar cleaning needs of many of these companies. 

We also attended a number of renewable energy seminar parts. One part of interest to us were “The UK Renewable Energy Roadmap update”. This explained how well we are doing in meeting the Governments green energy targets for 2020. Solar PV is well on its way to hitting the 20GW installation target and will continue to play a massive part of our electricity generation for the future. 

Another seminar of particular interest to us was a panel discussion reflecting on the performance of on-site solar strategies. The main questions were: How far have solar projects reduced our dependency on the grid? What have the savings been? On the panel were organisers of PV projects from Wrexham Council, Truro School and The Teaching Division of Bradford Hospital. Each explained how the investment in their solar array had reduced greatly their annual spend on electricity. When the discussion was opened up to questions, Steve Willliams, M.D. Of Clean Solar Solutions Ltd was able to ask each PV owner about their current arrangements for solar panel cleaning. It was surprising to hear that no one had in place a system for solar panel cleaning and it had not even crossed their minds that their panels would need cleaning. They had all recognised that their systems were not performing as well as they did when first installed, but no one had had their panels cleaned. We have since carried out test cleaning for Wrexham Council to show the financial benefits of solar panel cleaning. 

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd have found the Renewables Event at the NEC to be very interesting and most productive. We were told by some installers that our solar panel cleaning company is known within certain parts of the solar industry as being the premier resource for both information for solar panel cleaning and for providing a professional solar panel cleaning service within the UK. These are compliments we hope to be able to maintain.