Clean Solar Solutions Show Support For Ugandan Appeal

by | Nov 7, 2015 | Uncategorized

Clean Solar Solutions have shown their support in a recent appeal at the Solar Power Portal awards, helping to bring solar power to a hospital in Uganda.

The Solar Power Portal awards ceremony took place on 13th October and was part of the Solar Energy UK exhibition, which was held at Birmingham’s NEC.

The ceremony proved to be the perfect platform to raise awareness of the partnership between Henley Medical Group and the UK charity Kamuil Friends, with the aim of bringing power to the Ugandan hospital.

Clean Solar Solutions M.D. Steve Williams was a guest of Rexel Energy Solutions at the awards evening and when the appeal changed format away from pledges into a ‘live’ appeal format, he quickly put Clean Solar Solutions forward to sponsor the first of the 25 solar panels, along with panel manufacturers Winaico.

Williams comments “When I saw the short video showing the plight of Ugandan children at the hospital, I felt moved and wanted Clean Solar Solutions to be involved in any way we could. I have been involved personally in working on a number of building sites for new charity buildings in the past, so for us to have an opportunity to do something overseas for people in need was an opportunity I felt we could not miss.”

This enthusiasm for the project proved to be the springboard which resulted not only in 25 panels being donated to the project, but absolutely all equipment needed for the installation, including a solar installation company who said they would provide staff to travel to Uganda to install all of the equipment.

Williams concludes “All of the equipment donated was of the highest standard, as the install itself will be. The electricity the panels will generate not only plays a small part in the global energy crisis, but will enable hospital staff to be able to provide care to patients, independent of what can sometimes be an unstable electricity grid. It will help them deal with more immediate crises and save lives. It is a very noble cause that was supported by a zealous UK solar industry.”