Lichen Removed From Solar Panels In Halesworth, East Anglia

by | Aug 16, 2019 | Agricultural

Clean Solar Solutions have successfully removed lichen from solar panels on a Halesworth farm. Brights Farm have a 56KW solar array mounted on one of their dairy buildings.  The farm owner now enjoys the security of a 5-year solar maintenance contract with Clean Solar Solutions.

Since the solar panels were installed, they had never been cleaned. Solar panels mounted on dairy buildings are very prone to dust build-up and lichen growth. The lack of cleaning resulted in lichen blooms across the whole array, some areas were worse than others.

Lichen blooms across the whole array

The company that installed the solar panels had since folded, so the farm owners were left with no after-sales or maintenance support. Clean Solar Solutions were contacted by the farm owners to see what could be done. Clean Solar Solutions arranged for a full electrical service to be completed on the solar array. This complete system health check ensured that faulty components were replaced and the system was fully functional.

After this, we were able to arrange the solar panel cleaning and for the lichen removal process to be completed. A lorry mounted cherry picker was brought to site and the extent of the lichen was fully assessed.

A chemical pre-treatment was applied to the solar panels which aids the removal of the lichen and the lichen removal process begins.
Here we can see a close-up with the difference between the cleaned part and uncleaned part of the solar panel.  

VIDEO: Removing Lichen & Bird Droppings From Solar Panels

From a distance, we can see the lichen has been removed on the left three rows of solar panels.
Here we can see the result after the solar panels were completely cleaned and the lichen removed. the whole solar array thoroughly cleaned.
The results were very impressive, with the solar panels coming back to an as-new condition. 

The client was very impressed with the service they received from Clean Solar Solutions and now realise the importance of regular solar panel cleaning. Subsequently, they have signed into a 5-year solar maintenance contract with Clean Solar Solutions. The contract is made up of an annual electrical service of the solar panels and three cleans per year. This will ensure that the system is kept clean, the lichen doesn’t return and the system will continue to have a high-level of electricity generation.

If you are located in the Halesworth area and require a quote for solar panel cleaning or solar panel maintenance, please feel free to contact us.