O&M Partnership Formed With High Wycombe Based Solinium

by | Mar 8, 2016 | Partnerships, Solinium

Clean Solar Solutions have formed an O&M partnership with High Wycombe based solar panel installer Solinium. We will provide both solar panel cleaning and bird proofing services to this high quality renewable energy company.

Solinium offer individually tailored packages for their clients

Solinium consider themselves to be consultants before sales people, tailoring their package to suit the individual needs of their client or their client’s site. They configure their offering to maximise the return available to their clients at any time.

As a result of this philosophy, Solinium, like many other solar panel installers have compiled an O&M package which looks to increase the return on investment for their clients. They see Clean Solar Solutions as the wise O&M partner due to their having national coverage with certified staff for solar panel cleaning, as well as teams of experienced pest controllers who are able to work at height.

Pest control is a growing issue within the solar industry due to a growing number of pests that solar panels are attracting. Bird proofing for solar panels is needed due to pigeons nesting under solar panels. The birds create a lot of droppings. This along with the associated bird nesting materials means that guttering can block up very quickly. Add to this the noise that the birds create under the solar panels during the early morning and this is indeed a nuisance.

Solinium have had such enquiries regarding bird proofing and solar panel cleaning and are glad that in the shape of Clean Solar Solutions, they have found a partner who can provide a swift nationwide service with a high quality end product for their clients.