Solar Panel Cleaning Completed On Romford Shopping Centre

by | Jun 23, 2019 | Rooftop Cleaning

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the solar panel cleaning on a Romford shopping centre.  The shopping centre has 263 panels mounted at a 30 degree angle.

263 panels mounted at a 30° angle on the roof of a Romford shopping centre

The solar panels required cleaning due to the bird droppings from local pigeon population, combined with the usual build-up of detritus, held in place along the bottom edge of the solar panels, by the bottom edge their frame.

These solar panels were cleaned manually, using ultra-pure water pumped up from our vehicle at ground level and the roof has edge protection all the way around, making the cleaning of the solar panels very safe.

If you have solar panels that need cleaning in Romford on a commercial or residential building, please feel free to contact us.