Solar Panel Cleaning Completed in Daventry For Great Central Plastics

by | Aug 9, 2014 | Commercial Rooftop, Daventry

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 130 solar panels for Daventry-based company, Great Central Plastics.  The roof mounted solar panels were installed in 2012 and due to the shallow angle of the roof and their being located on an industrial estate, they had accumulated a noticeable layer of dirt that had begun to have a negative effect their performance.

Our solar panel cleaning service was requested and now the solar panels are back up to speed, producing the level of electricity that they should be.  A regular cleaning schedule has been put in place so that the solar panels produce to their maximum and this company in Daventry reduce their energy bills. 

If you would like a free quote for solar panel cleaning in Daventry or surrounding areas in Northamptonshire, please feel free to contact us.