Solar Panel Cleaning Lichfield’s Largest Rooftop Solar Array

by | Dec 7, 2020 | Commercial Rooftop

Clean Solar Solutions carry out commercial and residential solar panel cleaning in Lichfield and surrounding areas. We continue cleaning some of the U.K.’s largest rooftop solar arrays, this time cleaning solar panels on a Lichfield hardware distribution centre. This site is Lichfield’s largest solar array, made up of 3,632 solar panels, running the entire length, mainly in two rows.

Solar panel cleaning at Lichfield’s largest rooftop solar array

This distribution centre is part of a portfolio of distribubtion centres that Clean Solar Solutions are cleaning on behalf of an international solar O&M company. Access to the roof is via vertical internal ladder, meaning we had to use our small solar panel cleaning robot in order to carry out the cleaning.

The solar panels were cleaned robotically, for a high quality, consistent finish

The solar panels needed cleaning due to a build-up of green algae along the bottom edge of each panel. This algae accumulates becuase the frame of the solar panel holds water when it rains and this water is heated slightly from the solar panel, creating a fertile environment for algae to grow. Removing the algae is important because it is a factor towards lichen growth, which is to be avoided at all costs.

Algae growth on solar panels contributes to lichen growth and should be removed by cleaning

If you are in the Lichfield area and require solar panel cleaning or solar servicing or maintenance, please contact us.