Solar Panel Thermal Imaging Service Launched

by | Sep 20, 2015 | Thermal Imaging

A solar panel thermal imaging service has now been launched by Clean Solar Solutions as we continue to look to add value to our services to solar installers, investors and solar array owners.

Thermal imaging is a proven way of diagnosing faults on solar panels an their key components.  Faulty solar panels or wiring can lead to power and financial losses and also increase the risk of electrical fire.

Steve Williams, M.D. of Clean Solar Solutions notes “We are enthused at the prospect of offering our thermal imaging service to all facets of the solar industry, be they installers, investors or end-users.  Sadly, there have been faulty products enter the UK market or cheap products that have been installed by companies looking to cut down their costs.”  

Couple this with less than desirable installation standards and the risk of fire is real. Cheap or faulty components overheat and reduce the performance of solar panels.  Even the best of components installed by companies with high standards of install will still sometimes fail.  Keeping solar arrays running to their maximum potential is in everyone’s best interest, so overheating panels and components  that we can now identify can be replaced or fixed.  This will increase the efficiency of the solar array and reduce that risk of fire.

Williams concludes “Our thermal imaging service helps to identify risks before there is an unnecessary financial loss through reduced output or before a fire occurs.  We believe that thermal imaging of solar panels is a key part of preventative solar array maintenance.  To be able to provide our clients with comprehensive surveys and reports will add further value to our O&M services.”

For a more comprehensive look at how our solar thermal imaging can help you, please see our solar thermal imaging service webpage.

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