Solar Panels Cleaned In Tiverton For Mid Devon Council

by | Apr 9, 2015 | Anesco, Commercial Rooftop, Devon

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of the solar panels on the roof of Mid Devon Council’s head office in Tiverton.  We carried out the solar panel cleaning on behalf of the UK’s leading energy solutions company, Anesco.

Mid Devon Council has always been forward thinking when it comes to solar power.  Back in 2011, approval was given for the installation of over 1,700 solar arrays on council homes across Mid Devon.  

Mid Devon Council has also approved scores of solar farms across the area and also set the example for the district by installing 195 solar panels on three sections of the roof of their head office in Tiverton.

Anesco monitor the output of their solar portfolio using their highly effective Anescometer system.  This alerts them when the output drops below an acceptable level on a solar array.  At that point, they act swiftly to resolve the issue.  If the loss in output is found to be because of dirty solar panels, we are called in to clean the panels and increase the output of the solar array back up to an acceptable level.

Having clean solar panels is an essential part of maximising the output of your solar array. 

If you are in the Tiverton area or any other part of Devon and have a requirement for solar panel cleaning, please feel free to contact us.