Solar Panels UK Releases Free Renewable Energy Suitability Tools

by | Oct 17, 2013 | Information, Research

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd depend on the constant flow of the installation of solar panels. It becomes our future business when the solar panels need cleaning. There is an unnecessary amount of media-driven scepticism about the viability of solar panels. More than ever, people are wondering if solar panels are still worthwhile. Accurate figures about rates of return therefore are very important.

With this in mind, if you are exploring the potential of solar panels, there are a range of free tools available online to help you decide if your property is suitable and also approximate an ROI. One of these websites is which offer a range of free tools, calculators and mobile apps.

Visitors to the free solar tool website can utilise two extremely useful tools that will help you when looking into the possibility of having solar panels installed. These tools are called the Solar Panel Suitability Checker and Solar PV Calculator so let’s have a look at each of them in a little more detail:-

Solar Panel Suitability Checker

This valuable tool enables you to work out how efficient the solar panels might be at the capturing of any sunlight taking into consideration your roof’s direction. If you were considering having the solar panels installed elsewhere at your property such as ground mounted in your garden the Solar Panel Suitability Checker will also take into account any objects that may block some or all of the sunlight.

It is even possible to download this simple tool to an iPhone or iPad that, by also using Google Maps, makes it highly effective in identifying the most suitable place to site the solar panels thus maximising their efficiency. Once downloaded, click on the “Use Current Location” button and the tool will find the property utilising the built in GPS program. Alternatively, you can type in the address where you would like to have the solar panels located.

Solar PV Calculator

There are a number of Solar PV Calculators on the market that will factor in the number of solar panels, the pitch of the roof and the ideal way that the solar panels should be facing when installed for maximum energy efficiency to work out the return on investment (ROI). However, this one has a couple of additional benefits. It can work out the average sun time that your property benefits from by using GPS co-ordinates and it calculates where best to install the solar panels on the roof of your property. As a result, you will get a more realistic idea of the energy saving which apparently, can differ by as much as £5,500 over a 25 year term when compared with other calculators.

For more information about these tools or about our solar panel cleaning service, please contact us.