Agricultural Solar Panel Cleaning – Reaping The Rewards

by | Jun 7, 2014 | Agricultural, video

1 in 6 farms across the UK due will have solar PV at some scale by the end of 2014.  We are well equipped to carry out solar panel cleaning on all kinds of agricultural buildings across the UK.  We have cleaned thousands of solar panels on many farms that have been mounted in fields, on dairy sheds, poultry sheds, grain and corn dryers and storage sheds.

Clean Solar Solutions are members of the Country Land & Business Association (CLA) and regularly attend CLA events so that we can gauge how we can best benefit the agricultural community. 

The video below highlights the kind of dust levels that accumulate on solar panels mounted on farm buildings and gives figures as to the increase in generation that this client saw after cleaning. 

Because of the dusty atmospheres on farms and the shallow angle of farm roofs that many solar panels are mounted on, regular solar panel cleaning is essential.  While all solar arrays will benefit for being cleaned, without doubt the farming community are those who reap the largest rewards.  Forward-thinking farmers have seen solar panels as an effective way of reducing their energy bills.  They have sat down and done the financials to see if it is a sound financial investment.  So it can be demoralising to see your output drop due to the dust that accumulates on the solar panels.

Many of our farming clients have their solar panels cleaned multiple times throughout the year.  If you are a farmer and doubt the benefits of solar panel cleaning, please read this solar output data sent from a farmer in Lincolnshire.  The results have been independently verified by his installer and monitoring company.

If you are a farmer who would like more information about cleaning your solar panels or if you are thinking about having solar panels installed and are wondering about future cleaning requirements, please feel free to contact us.