Solar Panel Cleaning In Stowmarket – Poultry Farm

by | May 9, 2021 | Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the solar panel cleaning of a Stowmarket poultry farm. This was the first ever clean of the solar panels and so numerous issues were found.

Firstly, due to the activities on site and a lack of cleaning on the panels, lichen was present. The client did not initially wish to pay for the chemical clean of the panels. He is now seeing the worth of having this done.

Secondly, we discovered some cabling issues and lastly, we found broken panels on the roof. Because the farmer was not aware of them, it added value to his panel clean.

We robotically cleaned the solar panels, using two robots. We cleaned using ultra-pure water. Using ultra-pure water whilst cleaning solar panels is important. Cleaners may be invalidating the solar panel manufacturers warranty without it.

Ultra-pure water will not remove lichen. Chemical intervention is needed. The clean was carried out in one day. This meant minimal disruption to the farm.

We cover all of the U.K. with our services. Therefore, if you have need of servicing or solar panel cleaning in Stowmarket, please feel free to contact us.