All Around Property Cleaning Ltd and British Gas Solar

by | Mar 24, 2013 | All Around Property Cleaning Ltd, British Gas Solar, Commercial, News, Thames Water, Toyota

Clean Solar Solutions, formed from All Around Property Cleaning Ltd, have won a 12-month solar panel cleaning contract for British Gas Solar.  This means we are now their sole approved solar panel cleaning contractor. The initial 12-month contract will us carry out solar panel cleaning for some of the UK’s most well-known companies and we will be cleaning one of the UK’s largest solar farms, the 4.1MW installation at Toyota, Burnaston, now owned by Bluefield LLP.

All Around Property Cleaning Ltd won the contract for solar panel cleaning for British Gas Solar.

We have been working behind the scenes with British Gas Solar for nearly 12 months and now we are very happy to have been awarded the solar panel cleaning contract.

We have been finding out what solar maintenance packages British Gas Solar will be offering their clients, one part of which is solar panel cleaning and seeing how we can help provide British Gas Solar with a high-quality solar panel cleaning service. We have now set out a clear action plan which will mean our cleaning nearly 60,000 solar panels in the next 12 months.

Sites we will be cleaning include 2 Toyota sites, 10 Thames Water sites, the Millennium Seed Bank, Staples Distribution Centre in Corby, and Adnams Brewery Distribution Centre, a total of over 5.6MW.

All of this fits nicely with the aims of British Gas Solar to become one of the UK’s largest solar PV installers. They are already the leading provider of building-integrated PV systems.

Regular solar panel cleaning has been proven to give noticeably increased output from solar arrays and has the added benefit of giving aesthetic appeal. We are glad to provide a solar panel cleaning service to British Gas Solar which will give their clients and even better yield from their solar panels.

Chemically cleaning solar panels

Then the panels are scrubbed, removing the lichen and then finally, washed down and rinsed.  All work carried out by Clean Solar Solutions is in conjunction with the SEUK Best Practice Guidelines 2021.

Solar panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Fordingbridge

If you are a solar array owner in Fordingbridge or the surrounding area, please contact us.  We carry out agricultural, commercial and residential solar panel cleaning and maintenance in the Fordingbridge areas and will be pleased to assist you.