Clean Solar Solutions Announce New Partnership With Spirit Solar

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Birmingham, Commercial, Milestones, Spirit Solar

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd are pleased to announce a new partnership with Reading-based Spirit Solar. We will be carrying out the cleaning on our first site for Spirit Solar in August 2014. Steve Williams, Managing Director of CSS Ltd says “Our new partnership with Spirit Solar continues to reinforce the growing reputation of Clean Solar Solutions Ltd within the solar industry. As we move forward, we are forging working relationships with some of the leading solar panel installers and renewables companies in the UK.” 

Spirit Solar originally approached us and asked for advice during the planning phase of the 250KW roof mounted solar array in Birmingham. The proposed array consisted of 999 solar panels and we were consulted regarding the best way to clean the panels as well as providing advice about health and safety requirements for solar panel cleaning. The solar panels will be cleaned at least once a year, working from a man-safe system that has been installed on the roof at the same time as the solar panels. The solar array was built with solar panel cleaning being considered a large part of the ongoing maintenance. The cleaning of the solar panels will keep them in prime condition and will help the newly-installed solar array to produce electricity to its maximum potential. Having clean solar panels on such an array is important so as to recoup the ROI as soon as possible. 

Vishal Giga, Commercial Projects Manager at Spirit Solar says ‘’We’re delighted to have appointed Clean Solar Solutions for cleaning of some of our larger roof top plants. They have demonstrated a good track record and most importantly a comprehensive approach to the safe cleaning of solar panels at height.’’ 

Benefits of the 250KW solar array in Birmingham include: 

• Reducing the carbon footprint by approximately 179,305kgs annually. 

• Reducing greenhouse emissions. It is the equivalent of taking 24 cars off the road for a whole year. 

• Reducing climate change. This solar array will do as much for the environment as 5,900 trees in a year. 

• Reduce hazardous waste. Coal ash, nuclear waste, mercury and other byproducts are avoided through use of solar power generation. 

• A 250KW array can power 33 average sized homes or 2,500 light bulbs. (100W) 

Spirit Solar have installed over 1,000 renewables systems all over the UK and are currently working with leading house builders on a number of new build schemes. Spirit Solar install PV solar panels, solar thermal panels, biomass systems and heat pumps as well as offering a full consultancy service. They provide these products and services to schools, farmers, house builders, electrical contractors, commercial & residential clients. 

Steve Williams concludes “Clean Solar Solutions Ltd look forward to working alongside Spirit Solar in the future. This will hopefully be the first of many solar arrays that we clean for Spirit Solar. We are confident that they and their clients will be pleased with the value our solar panel cleaning service brings in terms of boosting the output from their solar systems.”

Chemically cleaning solar panels

Then the panels are scrubbed, removing the lichen and then finally, washed down and rinsed.  All work carried out by Clean Solar Solutions is in conjunction with the SEUK Best Practice Guidelines 2021.

Solar panel cleaning

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If you are a solar array owner in Fordingbridge or the surrounding area, please contact us.  We carry out agricultural, commercial and residential solar panel cleaning and maintenance in the Fordingbridge areas and will be pleased to assist you.