Ground & Roof Mounted Solar Panel Cleaning At Worksop

by | Nov 29, 2020 | Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean Solar Solutions offer commerical and residential solar panel cleaning across Worksop, Nottinghamshire. We have just completed the solar panel cleaning of both a ground mounted and roof mounted array at a large distribution centre on the edge of Worksop.

The site owners have installed both wind and solar power on site. The solar panels were accumulating the usual line of silt and algae along the bottom edge, which will create shading, subsequent hotspotting and reduce the output of the system.

The build up of algae on the bottom of this panel reduces output and can lead to lichen growth

We set our large solar panel cleaning robot to work to clean the solar panels on this 330KW array. Robotic cleaning of solar panels leaves a high quality, uniform finish across the whole array when compared with manual cleaning.

Robotic cleaning of solar panels in Worksop by Clean Solar Solutions

The robot removed the silt, bird droppings and the film of traffic dust from the solar panels. Due to the large amount of lorries that visit this Worksop distribution centre, traffic film builds up more on the ground mounted solar panels than it will on the roof mounted solar panels. The solar panels were left clean and a through visual inspection was also carried out on the system.

The bottom edge of the solar panels is now clean, increasing efficiency and reducing the chances of lichen growth

In addition to the ground mounted solar panels, the distribution centre also has a sizable roof mounted solar array. The 452KW array is made up of 1,848 solar panels and they were suffering from a completely different type of soiling. Algae on the solar panels was not the problem, depsite only being 100 yards away from the ground mounted system. Rather, bird droppings was the issue on the roof mounted solar panels.

Bird droppings will reduce the output on these solar panels in Worksop

As with the algae building up on the ground mounted solar panels, the bird droppings on the roof mounted solar panels will also be reducing output. The difference is that the hotspots from the bird droppings will be hotspotting virtually all of the cells on all panels. This can be more damaging to the overall long-term health of the solar panels when compared with a single area of shading from the algae on the ground mount panels.

Robotic solar panel cleaning in Worksop, with solar panels on the left still to be cleaned

Due to narrow access to the roof via an internal vertical ladder, we deployed our smaller solar panel cleaning robot to clean these solar panels. Whilst having a narrower cleaning window than the bigger robot, the small robot still provides an excellent quality of cleaning. Despite the roof mounted solar panels being located hundreds of metres away frm the nearest water source, Clean Solar Solutions were able to pump the water in order to gain sufficient pressure for the robotic cleaning.

These solar panels were cleaned and the bird droppings removed

With the bird droppings removed from the solar panels, the hotspotting will be reduced and the output of the solar panels will be increased.

If you are in Worksop or the surrounding area, please contact us if you require solar panel cleaning or other solar maintenance.