Solar Panels Cleaned On Canterbury Shopping Centre Roof

by | Aug 14, 2019 | Kent

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 396 solar panels on top of White Friars Shopping Centre, in Canterbury city centre.

The major issue on this area was lichen growth

The 97KW system is spread across 2 roofs, but with very different layouts. A 50KW system is laid on a flat roof and this system had begun to have lichen grow on the solar panels. Lichen grows when detritus and algae is allowed to accumulate over a period of time, creating a nitrogen-rich base. The lichen can then grow and flourish.

Clean Solar Solutions use a pre-treatment chemical to remove the lichen and restore the solar panel back to their original condition. Lichen is particularly damaging to solar arrays because it creates hundreds of hotspots on solar panels, which if left, can permanently damage the solar panel.

A 47KW system is mounted on top of the multi-storey car park, mounted on steel frames. This system is particularly difficult to access due a combination of low access restrictions and a lack of space between the panel rows. 

On the car park, access was difficult due to lack of space between the rows.

There were more bird droppings present on the roof with the steel beams, which are important to remove.  Again, like the lichen, bird droppings create damaging hotspots, which are important to eliminate from each solar panel.

Bird droppings were a particular issue on the panels over the car park

However, with various cleaning methods, we were able to negate these access obstacles and all of the solar panels were cleaned successfully.As a result of the panel cleaning, the output of the system is fully expected to rise, providing the shopping centre with both increased electricity generation and a saving on their electricity bill.

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The owners of this Canterbury-based shopping centre will now enjoy an increased frequency of solar panel cleaning and the lichen will not return, due to the lack of detritus build-up.

If you are based in Canterbury and would like a quote for solar panel cleaning or any other solar maintenance or servicing, please feel free to contact us.