Solar Panel Cleaning On Dorking School Completed

by | Jun 12, 2020 | Dorking, School

Award-winning Clean Solar Solutions have completed the solar panel cleaning on a school in Dorking, Surrey.  The Ashcombe school has 440 solar panels located on five roofs across their site.

The school has their solar panels maintained by another award-winning company, Ethical Power.  Ethical Power carry out the installation and maintenance of solar arrays across the U.K. and contacted Clean Solar Solutions due to our expertise at rooftop solar panel cleaning.

Clean Solar Solutions used a cherry picker to access the roofs, removing traffic film, bird droppings and other objects such as pieces of wood that had found their way on to the solar panels.

This Dorking school will now enjoy increased solar output as a result of the solar panel cleaning.

If you are in Dorking are require a quote for your solar panel cleaning or any other solar maintenance, please feel free to contact us.