VIDEO: Solar Panel Cleaning Enfield, London. Tissue Test

by | Aug 3, 2014 | Commercial Rooftop, London, Solar Thermal, Spirit Solar, video

Clean Solar Solutions have cleaned 96 solar panels and 6 solar thermal panels on the roof of a building in Enfield, London.  We were asked to clean the solar panels by one of our solar installer partners, Spirit Solar.

The solar PV panels are mounted on A-frames at a shallow angle, so just 12 months after their install, they were building up an noticeable accumulation of dirt which would be affecting output from the array.  The solar thermal panels produce hot water for the building and whereas it is important to let light into solar PV panels to produce electricity, it is important to let the maximum amount of light into solar thermal panels to produce hot water.

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The owner of the array was particularly interested to see how dirty their solar panels had become, so we videoed a white tissue test that you can see in the video below.  If you would like a free quote for solar panel cleaning in Enfield or anywhere else in London, please feel free to contact us.