Solar Panel Cleaning & Grass Cutting Wadebridge Solar Farm

by | Sep 27, 2020 | Cornwall, Ground Maintenance, Solar Farm Cleaning

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning and grass cutting on a small, privately-owned solar farm near Wadebridge, Cornwall.  The ground mounted 50KW system is located next to a slurry pit on a dairy farm.

 The solar panels had not been cleaned for years and there is a large crow population that rest on the top edge of the solar panels.  The volume of droppings that they deposit has caused a thick black film to form.  This, coupled with the overspray from the slurry pit activity, means these panels get very dirty, quickly.

The difference between the cleaned and dirty solar panels is clear to see.  

Regular cleaning will now be undertaken to ensure that the solar panels are not permitted to deteriorate to the same condition in the future.

VIDEO:  Awesome Robotic Solar Panel Cleaning Results

We also carried out strimming of the grass on site.  There were a lot of large rocks and very uneven ground in front of the solar panels, so strimming was the only option.  Grass cutting is required to prevent shading along the front edge of the solar panels.

If you are located in Wadebridge or anywhere in North Cornwall and you require commercial or residential solar panel cleaning, repairs, servicing or maintenance, please feel free to contact us.