Solar Panels Cleaned On 6 Oxfordshire Solar Farms For Anesco

by | Sep 8, 2013 | Anesco, case study, Commercial, Oxfordshire, Thames Water

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd have completed solar panel cleaning on 6 Oxforshire sites for renewables giant, Anesco.  The 6 sites are Thames Water treatment works in Bletchingdon, Chadlingdon, Chipping Norton, Cholsey, Henley on Thames and Towersey.   There was a total of 1,017 solar panels across the 6 sites and the cleaning was completed in just 2 days.

This was the first clean on these solar panels since their install.  The main problem we faced was the amount of ‘bird presents'(!) on the solar panels. Because the solar panels are south facing, these become baked on and are difficult to remove without the correct equipment.  We have invested heavily and now have a wide variety of solar panel cleaning equipment available to us which enables us to clean solar panels with varying degrees of dirt and grime.  By using the correct brush head on our poles, we were able to remove the grime effectively and now theses solar farms will produce added electricity due to being cleaned.

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd are the UK’s leading specialist solar panel cleaning company, with fully mobile solar panel cleaning systems, including a 4×4 for cleaning solar farms.  If you would like a free quote for solar panel cleaning, please feel free to contact us. 

Chemically cleaning solar panels

Then the panels are scrubbed, removing the lichen and then finally, washed down and rinsed.  All work carried out by Clean Solar Solutions is in conjunction with the SEUK Best Practice Guidelines 2021.

Solar panel cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning Fordingbridge

If you are a solar array owner in Fordingbridge or the surrounding area, please contact us.  We carry out agricultural, commercial and residential solar panel cleaning and maintenance in the Fordingbridge areas and will be pleased to assist you.