UK’s Largest Solar Carport Cleaned In Nottingham

by | Mar 26, 2016 | Evoenergy, Nottinghamshire, Solar Carport

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of the UK’s largest solar carport in Nottingham for Evoenergy.  The 88.5kWp carport that has been installed on the Ken Marin Leisure Centre car park, outstrips the UK’s previous largest carport in Nottingham, again installed by Evoenergy.

Solar carport installation at Ken Marin Leisure Centre

Solar carports will become an integral part of our daily generation and consumption of electricity in the near future.  Parking your electric vehicle at your place of work, supermarket or other public place where there is a solar carport, will enable you to plug in and recharge your car battery or for the energy generated to be channelled and used elsewhere on site.  Solar carports are an excellent use of space and dramatically improve the overall look of a car park.

 If you have cleaning requirements for a solar carport anywhere in the country, please feel free to contact us