Cleaning Solar Panels In Doncaster That Are Simply Ditched!

by | Dec 8, 2020 | Commercial Rooftop

Clean Solar Solutions carry out solar panel cleaning on commercial and residential properties across Doncaster and may well have just cleaned Doncaster’s dirtiest solar panels. Even though we cleaned these solar panels 12 months ago, check out these pictures to see what state they are in!

  • Bird droppings on solar panels

The 3,696 solar panels are located on the roof of one of Doncaster’s largest distribution centres and all of them were heavily soiled, as per the pictures above. This is due to a large gull population which nests and lives at a body of water adjacent to the building. Goodness knows what these lot eat, but it creates a right mess on these solar panels!

Two of Clean Solar Solutions solar panel cleaning robots were deployed and set to work, cleaning the bird droppings off the solar panels.

  • one clean vs on dirty solar panel

These solar panels were absolutely ditched, but we have worked our magic and managed to get the solar panels back to a decent condition.

We provided an excellent quality clean of these solar panels in Doncaster, even if we do say so ourselves! The panels were caked in bird droppings when we arrived and we left them in a very clean condition, increasing output and decreasing the risk of long-term damage from hotspots.

If you are in Doncaster or the surrounding area and require your solar panels to be cleaned or some other solar maintenance, such as maintenance or servicing, please contact us.