Solar Panel Cleaning Completed In Birmingham For Spirit Solar

by | Feb 6, 2015 | Birmingham, Commercial Rooftop, Spirit Solar

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd has completed the cleaning of 999 solar panels in Birmingham for award winning solar installer Spirit Solar. This is the first job we have completed for Spirit Solar and commences what we hope to be a long standing partnership as we look to provide a high quality solar panel cleaning service for their whole portfolio.

Speaking of the new partnership with Spirit Solar, Steve Williams, M.D. of Clean Solar Solutions comments, “Spirit Solar is a very forward-thinking company. We have been in regular contact with them about this Birmingham solar array for over a year now, providing advice regarding the design of this particular system specifically from a viewpoint of cleaning the solar panels. We believe this to be the first solar array that we have cleaned that we provided advice for regarding the design.

Spirit Solar took our advice into consideration and installed a well-designed system that utilises the most of the roof space, while still making maintenance and the cleaning of the solar panels relatively easy. We look forward to carrying out further cleans for Spirit Solar.”

The 249.75KW solar array was installed in January 2014 and is located at MV Sports and Leisure headquarters in Birmingham. It is made up of 999 ReneSola JC250M-24/Bb solar panels mounted on the Clenergy EZ-rack and has 8 x ABB 27.6TL inverters and 1 x 10TL inverter that will continue to be serviced by Spirit Solar.

Although the system cost about £240,000, it is expected to yield £42,000 p/a and pay for itself within 7 years, proving that rooftop solar arrays are both an excellent use of redundant space and are profitable for business owners to install. There is a common misconception among the public at the moment that solar is not a worthwhile investment. Well this sizable array that Spirit Solar has installed disproves that misconception.

Keeping the solar panels clean is an important part of helping the array hit that 7 year target. There are a number of reasons why the solar panels will need cleaning on this array. Because the solar panels are mounted at a relatively shallow angle, they hold more dirt than those mounted at a steeper angle.

Also, one of the busiest stretches of the M6 is only about 400 yards away from the array and is at the same height as the roof of the building. Traffic film will accumulate over time and inhibit the output of the array if it is not cleaned on a regular basis.

The final reason that the solar panels will need cleaning is due to the noticeable population of gulls in the area. We noticed that although the array is relatively new, there was a considerable build-up of bird droppings and some were very stubborn to remove. Bird droppings create ‘hard shading’ on solar panels and can if left, reduce the output of the solar panels significantly. Hard shading is something that creates shading on a solar panel that has a definite shape as opposed to a film of dust, which is termed as ‘soft shading’.

Due to the regular cleaning schedule that Spirit Solar are looking to put in place, that will not be the case on this Birmingham based array.

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd carry out solar panel cleaning in Birmingham, the West Midlands and the rest of the UK. If you would like any advice regarding solar panel cleaning on your property or would like a quote, please feel free to contact us.