Solar Panel Cleaning In Abingdon For White Goods Giant, Miele

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Commercial Rooftop, Ethical Power, Oxfordshire

Clean Solar Solutions have completed commercial rooftop solar panel cleaning in Abingdon on the roofs of white goods giant, Miele.

The site in Abingdon, Oxfordshire has over 3,000 solar panels mounted on multiple roofs.  Three of the systems were installed by St. Austell-based Ethical Power.

 We were contacted after a drop in output was picked up by the monitoring system on one of the systems.

We used a Wumag T35 Lorry mounted cherry picker to access the panels on the roof.  Some panels were cleaned whilst standing on flat roofs, some were cleaned from the safety of the cherry picker cage when the roof was too steep to safely work on.

These solar panels will be cleaned annually as part of the maintenance agreement between Ethical Power & Miele.

If you have solar panels in Abingdon or any other area in Oxfordshire that need cleaning, please feel free to contact us.