Solar Panel Cleaning Completed At Derby University

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Bird Droppings, Derby

As further expansion of their solar panel cleaning service for schools and colleges, Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 146 roof mounted solar panels at the University of Derby. By the end of the year, Clean Solar Solutions will have cleaned solar panels on over 43 schools, colleges and can now add Derby University to our ever-growing portfolio.

We were called in because the output from the solar array had dropped noticeably. The University thought it was due to the build-up of dust on the solar panels. When we checked the solar panels prior to cleaning though, it became apparent that while there was a noticeable layer of grime accumulating, bird droppings were also an issue.

Speaking about this growing problem, Steve Williams M.D. of Clean Solar Solutions comments “We are glad that the University chose us to carry out their solar panel cleaning. We have received a large volume of enquiries recently about problems with birds. Our offering solutions for reducing the impact that birds have on solar arrays marries nicely with our solar panel cleaning service. We are very confident that the University will no doubt see an increase in output due to having their solar panels cleaned.”

Anne Downes, Energy Officer at the University of Derby said “ I am pleased with the efficiency with which Solar Cleaning Solutions carried out the operation and look forward to seeing the output from the solar panels increasing.”
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