Solar Panel Cleaning Completed On Hull Shopping Centre

by | Nov 24, 2020 | Commercial Rooftop, Solar Panel Cleaning

Clean Solar Solutions carry out commercial and residential solar panel cleaning across Hull. We have completed the cleaning of a 280KW solar array on top of a shopping centre. The solar array will now produce electricity at an increased rate due to the panels being cleaned.

birds eye view of solar panels on shopping centre roof
Overhead view of solar panels on St Stephens Shopping Centre, Hull

Why Did These Solar Panels In Hull Need Cleaning?

These solar panels are located on the St. Stephen’s Shopping Centre which is around 800m from the Hull coast and docks. As a result, the solar panels suffer from bird droppings from the local gull populations, as well as traffic film, being located in the City Centre.

Bird droppings on solar panels
Bird droppings on solar panels reduce output

The bird droppings on a solar panel create hotspots and these hotspots reduce the output of the solar panel. If the bird droppings are left on the solar panels, the hotspots create permanent cell failure within the solar panels, leading to a permanent output loss. By cleaning the solar panels, hotspots are reduced and the panels will produce electricity at a greater rate and the life of the solar panels is protected for the long term.

How Were The Solar Panels Cleaned?

The solar panels were cleaned robotically. This provides a uniform finish which manual cleaning with poles and brushes cannot always provide, along with a safer working method.

solar panel cleaning robot on solar panels
Robotic solar panel cleaning in Hull

The roof is high and although there is a mnasafe system installed, by robotically cleaning the solar panels, Clean Solar Solutions staff are not needed to go near the roof edge to clean the solar panels. The robot is controlled via remote controls, so safer cleaning can take place.


How Can I Get A Quote For My Solar Panel Cleaning?

If you are in Hull or the surrounding area and would like a quote for your solar panel cleaning, please do one of the following:

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