Solar Panel Cleaning Completed On Chiswick Storage Block

Solar Panel Cleaning Completed On Chiswick Storage Block

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 210 solar panels mounted on top of a storage facility in Chiswick, West London.

The solar panels are mounted high up in the Chiswick skyline, so health and safety is a priority.  With our trained staff wearing appropriate harnesses and lanyards, we were able to carry out the cleaning safely and to a high standard.

solar panels on a roof with a pigeon walking on them

The local Chiswick pigeon population had been doing their thing on the solar panels and so the usual bird droppings were found on the solar panels and these were removed during the cleaning process.

black solar panel with bird droppings on

A yellow lichen had also started to form on the solar panel frame and this was also removed during the cleanng process. 

a solar panel with yellow lichen growing on the frame

With our client entering into a 5-year cleaning contract with Clean Solar Solutions across their whole portfolio of storage facilities, they will enjoy a high standard of solar panel cleaning, reporting and peace of mind that their solar portfolio is performing well for years to come.

rows of solar panels on a high roof in London

If you are in Chiswick and reuire a quote for solar panel cleaning or any other solar repair or maintenance, please feel free to contact us.