A Solar Panel Cleaning Miracle Happened In Wembley, London

by | Jun 13, 2020 | lichen, London

Clean Solar Solutions have proved yet again why they have won multiple awards for their solar panel cleaning service by removing lichen and cleaning these solar panels on a Wembley home.

The solar panels get very dirty, very quickly due to a large pigeon population that rest on the roof of the property and the large volume of passing traffic in the area.  This had created an incredible bloom of lichen on the solar panels which no window cleaner locally was able to remove.

Clean Solar Solutions swung into action in Wembley whilst completing cleans across other parts of London and set their knowledgable cleaning team to work.  

Using a lichen removal chemical which has the approval of multiple solar panel manufacturers, Clean Solar Solutions were able to bring these Wembley solar panels to an as new condition, much to the delight of the home owner.  What a transformation!

Having brought the solar panels back to their original condition, this Wembley resident saw an instant uplift in output from her solar panels.  The solar panels would also have been getting way too hot when the lichen was covering them, due to the way solar panels work.  When solar panels get shade cast across them, they start to heat up inside and cells within the solar panels can suffer irreparable damage.  By having the lichen removed, the solar panels will perform much more efficiently.

If you are in Wembley and require a quote for your solar panel cleaning, please contact us.