Why Does Lichen Grow On Solar Panels? – Research Released

by | Jun 23, 2019 | lichen

We find lichen on solar arrays frequently. It is very difficult to remove. Here we discuss research release answering the question ‘Why does lichen grow on solar panels?’

Why is the question relevant? Firstly, eutrophication and lichen growth is becoming a very real problem on solar panels across the UK and other Western European countries.  Secondly, lichen growth is rendering many panels on systems completely redundant. Therefore, many solar panels on ground and roof mounted systems are having to be replaced as a result.  

What Is The Research Designed To Do?

Steve Williams, Managing Director of Clean Solar Solutions has been intensively researching this subject. He has compiled his research into a detailed 24-page white paper. It is designed to aid asset owners and O&M companies across the UK and Western Europe.  

Detailed 24-page white paper on the effects of and solutions to lichen growth on solar panels

It addresses the following subjects:

  • What is eutrophication?
  • What is lichen?
  • Why does eutrophication and lichen growth happen on solar panels?
  • How does the local environment affect lichen growth?
  • Can lichen damage a solar array?
  • How can lichen be removed from solar panels?
  • Can eutrophication and lichen growth on solar panels be prevented?

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Clean Solar Solutions are pioneers of global solar panel cleaning.  Above all, it is our aim to be the most knowledgeable solar panel cleaning company in the world. Therefore, we aim to provide the highest levels of technical know-how and standards of safety.  This published research answering why does lichen grow on solar panels, shows our commitment towards that end.  

As a result, we offer a solar panel cleaning consultancy service. We provide advice about cleaning frequencies, techniques and health and safety issues on single sites and whole solar portfolios.

To obtain your copy or the white paper or enquire further about our consultancy service, please contact us.

Chemically cleaning solar panels

Then the panels are scrubbed, removing the lichen and then finally, washed down and rinsed.  All work carried out by Clean Solar Solutions is in conjunction with the SEUK Best Practice Guidelines 2021.

Solar panel cleaning

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