Solar Panel Cleaning Scoop On Chippenham Ice Cream Farm

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Agricultural, Chippenham, Commercial Rooftop

Clean Solar Solutions have scooped the regular solar panel cleaning at a Chippenham based ice cream farm.  Marshfield Farm Ice Cream installed 216 solar panels to its roof as they look to reduce their energy costs. A smart move for this forward-thinking business as energy prices only look to increase in the future.

This multi awarding winning business is headed by Will and Dawn Hawking on the outskirts of Chippenham, near the Cotswolds. They have been dairy farming since 1971 and dairy farming since 1988. Diversification and progression is a big part of the Hawking philosophy, with the latest showing being tilted towards renewable energy.

More than 20 staff now man the ice cream operations in a dairy that produces about 2,500 litres of ice cream an hour! The solar panels will reduce their energy costs by around £7,000 p/a.

Regular solar panel cleaning will be needed due to the relatively shallow pitch of the solar panels, coupled with the dusty environment that cows create. In dry times, cows kick up dust from the sand, straw or peat which lies on the ground on which they rest. These plumes of dust can readily be seen rising into the air, out of the roof vents and then on to the solar panels. When it rains on the solar panels, this forms a paste which when dries is challenging to remove from the solar panels.

But by cleaning the solar panel and removing this dust, the increase in output is instant and noticeable.  

216 solar panels on the roof of the dairy shed

Forward thinking businesses like this Chippenham enterprise are what will help contribute to energy-conscious commercial and agricultural sectors in the UK.  

Marshfield Farm’s mint choc chip is quite possibly the greenest ice cream around!

If you are in Chippenham or surrounding area or are a business owner with solar panels installed on your roof and would like to discuss your solar panel cleaning requirements, please feel free to contact us