See Some Cool Solar Panel Cleaning Results At Kings Lynn

by | Dec 25, 2018 | Robot

Clean Solar Solutions have completed the cleaning of 1.3MW of solar panels at Williams Refrigeration at Kings Lynn and the results were pretty cool!  

The 2,298 solar panels, spread across two buildings, were commissioned in 2015 and at the time of install, it was one of Europe’s largest rooftop solar arrays.  The part-robot, part-manual cleaning was successfully completed over a 4 day period, with minimal disruption to the operations of Williams Refrigeration.

This 1.3MW installation required a combination of manual and robot cleaning

There was a significant bird nesting issue on one of the roofs, with over 20 nests found under the solar panels.  This results in high levels of soiling on the solar panels, as well as excessive bird droppings rolling down the roof and clogging up valley gutters.  As well as this, the birds peck at cables and dislodge them.  Further to this, the nesting material creates a fire risk underneath the solar panels.

Evidence of birds getting under the solar panels was clearly apparent

Bird proofing around the solar panels to prevent the birds from gaining access under the solar panels was recommended to the client.

VIDEO:  See our solar panel cleaning robot in action on Belgium’s largest solar array!

The solar panels were cleaned by robot wherever possible.  This provides the highest quality of clean where bird droppings need to be removed, when compared to manual cleaning.  In the picture below, you can see the result of removing baked on bird droppings on the left and panels to be cleaned on the right.

The difference is clear between the newly cleaned panels on the left and the panels on the right that are yet to be cleaned.

With a regular solar panel cleaning program, the birds nests removed from under the solar panels and panels bird proofed, this array will be best placed to increase electricity generation for the long term.

If you have solar panels in Kings Lynn on a commercial or residential roof and you require a quote for solar panel cleaning or maintenance, please contact us.