Solar Panel Cleaning


Clean Solar Solutions Ltd carry out large scale solar panel cleaning in Darlington and surrounding areas. With over 52,000 solar panels cleaned during 2013 alone, we have great experience in this field.

Darlington has seen a large increase in the amount of solar panels that have been installed onvarious buildings over the last few years. Solar panel cleaning is an essential part of maintaining your solar panels. Clean solar panels will produce more electricity than dirty panels meaning more money in your pocket.

Clean Solar Solutions Ltd have top of the range solar panel cleaning equipment needed to clean your solar panels. We carry out rooftop solar panel cleaning on commercial buildings where solar panels are mounted. We can clean roof mounted solar panels up to 300 metres away from where our vehicle is parked. We can clean roof mounted solar panels about 50ft away from the edge of the roof. Our cherry picker licence allows us to clean solar panels up to 80ft away from the edge of the roof. The largest roof top array that we have cleaned to date is 2019 solar panels. Each of our vehicles is equipped with a solar panel cleaning kit which allows us to clean residential solar panels safely from ground level.

We also carry out ground mounted solar panel cleaning on multi-MW sites. We have cleaned many ground mounted sites all over the UK. Our whole solar panel cleaning team can clean thousands of panels in a day. This means that we can clean multi-MW sites in a short space of time, meaning minimal disruption to the site.

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