Solar Panel Cleaning


We provide professional large scale solar panel cleaning in Bournemouth and surrounding areas. 

Bournemouth has one of the highest concentrations of solar panels per square mile in the UK

Due to the sheer amount of solar panels installed, this has created a great demand for solar panel cleaning in Bournemouth and it’s surrounding areas.  Bournemouth Airport has seen the benefits of solar panels and in 2011, installed a 75KW solar array as part of its successful plan to become carbon-neutral.

We are fully equipped to deal with all aspects of solar panel cleaning in Bournemouth for both commercial multi-MW ground mounted arrays and all the way down to residential rooftop arrays. We carry out a lot of solar panel cleaning on dairy and poultry farms, areas where dust is a big issue for inhibiting solar output. A layer of dust can severely curtail the amount of electricity your array can produce. It pays therefore for you to have your solar panels regularly cleaned. 

Another factor which can reduce your electricity generation is salt. Because Bournemouth is a coastal city, the salt blown in on the sea air settles on the solar panels. If left, this not only reduces your electricity output, but can have a corrosive effect on your solar panels. 

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