Solar Panel Cleaning


We are a professional solar panel cleaning company covering Bath, Trowbridge, Melksham, Corsham and Keynsham areas.

We carry out solar panel cleaning on residential and large scale commercial solar panel installations. For a free quote for your solar panel cleaning in Bath or a nearby area, please contact us. 

Clean Solar Solutions carry out commerical and residential solar panel cleaning in Bath.  If you are a commercial, industrial of agricultural client seeking and cleaning or servicing quotation, please fill in our Contact Us Form.

We also offer residential solar panel cleaning services, as listed below.  Please click for more information and pricing on the following residential solar maintenance and cleaning services with 20 panels or less:

If you need a combination of the above services or have more than 20 panels mounted on your house, please fill in our Contact Us Form to find out our discounted prices.

We provide solar panel cleaning services for local solar installation companies such as Solarsense UK. We have recently carried out solar panel cleaning on a dairy farm in Stanton Prior, near Bath. This was a roof-mounted solar array with a total of 559 solar panels.

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